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The Heart and Soul Academy specializes in a comprehensive transformational system of healing and offers courses, products, and services for creating personal growth and empowerment that help you…

Overcome Obstacles. Improve Your Health. Create a Better Life.


What would you like help with?

  • Activate deep healing abilities and improve health and well-being naturally

  • Remove specific energetic blockages that have derailed you from achieving your goals

  • Relief from life’s traumas, emotional pain, grief and loss, held deep within transformed into sources of wisdom and empowerment

  • Resolve Ancestral or Past-Life Influences and clear karmic lines of negative influences

  • Deeper meaning and purpose in life and re-discover your soul’s destiny

I am committed to helping you get the results you want.

Powerful – Practical – Spiritual – Results Oriented

Most individuals don’t know that their purpose in life is to make a positive different in the world. When you discover your purpose for living it adds meaning and depth, beyond the emotional ups-and-downs that aren’t bound to time, and you can start making greater progress toward your goals. It allows you to live your destiny creating possibilities that are in harmony with your soul’s calling.

What I love most about my life’s work is helping someone live with greater soul-nurturing freedom, health, and well-being in their life. Why? Because I believe that when one person is empowered, we all benefit. I work with enlightened individuals who are ready to heal their past, empower the present, and create new possibilities for their future.


Would You Like to Learn More?

In our courses and programs we teach the LEEP™ System – Life-Enhancing Energetic Processes, which integrates specific information with heart-coherent energy, and is combined in a way to support personal transformation, self-empowerment, and conscious evolution that is light-years ahead of it’s time.


The Messenger Within

Unlocking the Secrets to Greater Freedom and a Better Life


Featuring the Life-Enhancing Energetic Processes (LEEP's) System.


Exploring health, consciousness, self-empowerment, and more.


Please contact me: to set up your free consultation appointment. During your consultation appointment we will…

  • Establish and clarify what it is you want to achieve

  • Do a full assessment of where you are currently, gaining an understanding of the overall affects it has in your life by not having your goal met

  • Learn how to accomplish your goal in a whole new light, mapping out a plan of action for how we will work together, and moving you towards achieving your goal

Please plan on 1-1.5 hours for your consultation/assessment appointment


“I absolutely love this candid, no-nonsense and completely responsible approach to self-empowerment. A heart-based purpose filled life is being offered to all those that dare to allow themselves to truly prosper and radiantly glow.”   ~Gudni Gunnarsson, Author of Presence is Power

Join Our Tribe

Feeling stressed, frustrated, or overwhelmed? Or would you just like to take a mini-rejuvenation break? This 7-minute, guided, breathing meditation helps connect you back to your center – the expanded state of your essential nature. You are led through a 3-breath Sacred Heart Alignment, which helps create sacred heart space. Then, into feeling your breath, as if your whole body where breathing. Feeling the nurturing life-force of energy moving through you, and, on into an expanded state-of-being.

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