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The Heart and Soul Academy specializes in a comprehensive transformational system of healing and offers programs, services, courses, and products for creating personal growth and empowerment that help you…

Overcome Obstacles. Improve Your Health. Create a Better Life.

What would you like help with?

  • Relief from emotional pain, grief and loss, trauma or PTSD held deep within

  • Activate deep healing abilities and improve health and wellbeing naturally

  • Create richer, more fulfilling relationships

  • Increased self-worth, self-confidence, self-acceptance

  • A more prosperous, wealth-conscious mindset or a more satisfying career

  • Resolve Ancestral or Past-Life Influences and clear karmic lines of negative influences

  • Create deeper meaning and purpose in life and re-discover your soul’s destiny

  • Remove specific energetic blockages that have derailed you from achieving your goals

  • Relief from chronic fatigue, anxiety, and depression held deep within

  • Transforming life’s traumas and bruises into sources of wisdom and empowerment

I partner with individuals helping empower them to create life-enhancing health and soul-nurturing well-being by facilitating energetic, mindset, emotional, nutritional, and lifestyle transformations. Together we…

  • Heal the Past and Present

  • Empower the Present and Beyond

  • Create Possibilities and Purpose

We heal the past to release symptoms and distress, and to free you from the influences of past traumas that have kept you from achieving your best possible life experiences in any given moment. And, when you heal the past, you resolve the origination - the root of the problem, which then prevents it from having any further influence on your future.

When you empower the present with a life-enhancing mindset at the subconscious level of mind, it allows you to step into a more empowered version of yourself and to create a more empowered future as well. You may not have been born with a positive mindset in life, but we can create one that supports you rather than limits you.

Most individuals don’t know that their purpose in life is to make a positive different in the world. When you discover your purpose for living it adds meaning and depth, beyond the emotional ups-and-downs that aren’t bound to time, and you can start making greater progress toward your goals. It allows you to live your destiny creating possibilities that are in harmony with your soul’s calling.

Powerful – Practical – Spiritual – Results Oriented

While traditional shamanic energy medicine has the shamanic practitioner going on the adventure of journeying to retrieve pieces of your soul, breaking outdated contracts, or re-establishing your destiny, then informs you of the outcome, in our work together I facilitate the journey for you, so you are the one who has the direct experience. You are the one who owns your insights, revelations, and experiences rather than having them given to you from outside yourself. This makes the journeying of greater value and far more meaningful to you, as you are involved every step of the way, and you are the one who is the best resource for your inner emotional and stored memory landscapes and realms.

Another beneficial feature of the work we do together is that through accessing your inner wisdom; that wisest, smartest part of yourself helps guide us to the highest priority for change and the right process to get the job done most effectively and effectively. Which means, we are able to accomplish in a few sessions what would typically take years to accomplish in a traditional therapy setting.

Together we’ll transform blockages and suffering held deep within into sources of healing, strength, and compassion.

I am committed to helping you get the results you want. What I love most about my life’s work is helping someone live with greater soul-nurturing freedom, health, and well-being in their life. Why? Because I believe that when one person is empowered, we all benefit. I work with enlightened individuals who are ready to heal their past, empower the present, and create new possibilities for their future.

Please contact me at: to set up your free consultation appointment. During your consultation appointment we will…

  • Establish and clarify what it is you want to achieve

  • Do a full assessment of where you are currently, gaining an understanding of the overall affects it has in your life by not having your goal met

  • Learn how to accomplish your goal in a whole new light, mapping out a plan of action for how we will work together, and moving you towards achieving your goal

Please plan on 1-1.5 hours for your consultation/assessment appointment

Would You Like to Learn More?

In our courses and programs we teach the LEEP™ System – Life-Enhancing Energetic Processes, which integrates specific information with heart-coherent energy, and is combined in a way to support personal transformation, self-empowerment, and conscious evolution that is light-years ahead of it’s time.

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“I absolutely love this candid, no-nonsense and completely responsible approach to self-empowerment. A heart-based purpose filled life is being offered to all those that dare to allow themselves to truly prosper and radiantly glow.”   ~Gudni Gunnarsson, Author of Presence is Power

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...And, Their Solutions to Greater Personal Freedom

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When you learn to step into greater self-empowerment and to live more fully in the life of your dreams, everyone benefits.  

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