“Facing the Gap” – What to Do When What Should’ve Been Isn’t

Scientific research tells us that consciousness is a field of energy that conveys information, and those fields of information give order to our physical world.

As magical as the holiday season is, there’s always that one little thing that goes wrong, and, poof, so much for carefully laid plans. With family celebrations and gatherings of friends from far and near, you’ve probably done your very best to make everyone feel welcome, loved, and appreciated. But what if it doesn’t go that way? What if your fairy-tale gathering starts to fray? The florist is late. Mother Nature brings you a nice icy storm and leaves everyone stranded in airports across the country. What if you find yourself looking at your life from across what momentarily feels like a ravine, and everything you’re supposed to be enjoying is on the other side … seemingly out of reach?

The Gap

The gap, as I often refer to it, is that apparently insurmountable distance between where you are and the place you thought you’d be. How do you overcome something that feels beyond your control? While I don’t claim to have all the answers (or even the best ones for any given situation), I have a few pieces of advice that can help bridge that gap and bring you and your life path closer together once more.

Unlock Your Hidden Power

One thing you’ll frequently hear me voice is the value of recognizing your own strengths. Each day – each moment, actually – you have the choice of reacting to your surroundings or making positive actions in advance. For example, if you know your Aunt Dottie will try to draw you into a one-way venting session as soon as she arrives, plan to include her in a conversation about your latest victory, be it organizing your pantry, finding the perfect table linens, or sharing a workplace accolade that might otherwise go unmentioned. Derailing negativity is actually a superpower … and can help save your sanity and bring joy to your day.

Eliminate Detrimental Habits and Modify Your Energy Field

Sometimes negative self-talk and bad habits are at the root of feelings of hopelessness and despair. But here’s an important test: it’s time to check with yourself and see if these are actually true or just miscellaneous negative thoughts wafting around just waiting to ruin your day. Believe it or not, consciousness is a field of energy … and your energy can be modified just by thinking and acting differently. Just imagine starting your day with the singular focus of feeling surrounded by a powerful golden light that energizes your every thought and action. Sound too good to be true? Just remember: what you radiate and share with the world has an impact on every single person you encounter. Choose to be centered in your own positive energy, and others will feel it, too.


“The destiny of man is in his own soul.”

~ Herodotus