Mapping Your Heart’s GPS

Mapping Out the New Year with Your Heart’s GPS

For many people, the first weeks of the new year bring resolutions and reflections. We have good reason to look at it this way. There’s a brand new calendar filled with opportunities to grow and learn; the past is behind us (hopefully), and it’s time to forge a new path. But for all our good intentions and optimism, there will always be decisions that require a little extra guidance. Luckily, you already have the perfect helper.

The Conscious Mind Bypass System

Every time you act, you do so with something specific in mind. For instance, by resolving to be more active, you decide to live a healthier life. Now, that’s an easy one. But what about the choices you make unconsciously? What about the things you do automatically without giving them a second thought? Perhaps, you do things just because you always have. If this sounds familiar, then here’s a simple exercise to help you live your life with more intention and a heart-centered focus.

Discovering What You Want Most

Begin by choosing three feeling words (such as joy, freedom, peace, trust, connection, love, fulfillment, Zen, etc.) that will be your mantra, your touchstone, for the year. These words should describe what you want more of in your life, and they should make you feel wonderful when you consider what it would be like to experience them every single day.

For instance, 2011 was the most challenging year of my life, and my three heart coherent feelings were: Connection, Fulfillment, and Joy. Whenever I encountered a situation that wasn’t making me feel one of those three things, I would pause and consider what I could do or change that would help me get back on track. I simply trained myself to think differently, and by doing so, I was able to live in a more heart-centered way.

Let Your Heart Lead You

Whenever you find yourself in doubt, follow your heart (because your mind can complicate matters occasionally). Ask yourself, “Does the decision I am considering give me more ______________, _______________, and ______________?” When you can say “yes” to all three feelings, your heart’s GPS will be keeping you on-course. You might even be surprised how easy it is to make a decision that is in alignment with your heart when you use this quick litmus test.

Give it a try. Write down your words, post them throughout your home and work space (and even in your car), and get ready to feel more of what you want and less of what you don’t.