Seeing from the Heart

Seeing from the Heart – What It Means and What It Can Do

Life-enhancing information and loving heart energy have the power and ability to heal and directly influence and improve the quality of your life experiences.

As autumn shakes off summer’s leaves, and chilly days replace sultry nights, I am reminded of my own transformation and of those who’ve helped shape it. I’ve been deeply attuned to higher states of consciousness since I was a little girl, but in 2011, a Havasu Medicine Man named Uqualla recognized something in me that I’m grateful for and have been guided by (even before I could articulate it).

Despite my long history of working with others, Uqualla’s revelation about me was profoundly powerful. He defined me as “a being who sees out from her heart” and told me that I should “awaken the hearts of others.” Given the experiences that we’re all likely to participate in during the coming weeks, I know that I, for one, rely on my heart’s guidance almost exclusively.

You may be asking yourself, “How can my heart help me? Isn’t my brain in charge of how I experience things?” In many ways, your heart has more power than your head … and it can be easily distracted when outside forces begin vying for your attention. So before the flurry of sales, gatherings, and social commitments take over, let’s think about ways your heart can help you steer clear of anxiety, self-doubt, and disappointment.

In my studies, I’ve learned that the heart creates electrical fields, and when combined with emotional triggers, they can have either a disruptive or calming effect. For example, have you ever had to speak in front of a large group of people (perhaps at Thanksgiving dinner)? Did your breathing and heart rate change? If they sped up because you were nervous, you can be certain that your own energy field changed substantially. But what if you were able to calm yourself, to breathe through the moment, and feel both confident and in control?

Simplified Heart Alignment: 

By aligning your heart and your mind, you can reduce stress, limit anxiety, and generally live better. Something as simple as taking a few moments to concentrate on your breath. Remember a time when you felt deep nurturing love and feel that love now. Continue breathing as if through the center of your heart. Then, think about how thankful you are to have others surrounding you who value your presence, this changes your own energy field in a positive way. And the vibrations you send out into the world will echo those that you feel in your heart.

So, whether you’re patiently waiting in a checkout line or circling the parking lot in search of a space, you hold the power to make the experience tolerable (even if not completely pleasurable). In return, you’ll radiate that same positive energy toward those along the way. 

“How we see and hold the full range of our experiences in our minds and in our hearts makes an enormous difference in the quality of this journey we are on and what it means to us. It can influence where we go, what happens, what we learn, and how we feel along the way.” ~Jon Kabat-Zinn