The Subconscious Workout – Guiding Your Goals from Within

April 8, 2016

The Subconscious Workout – Guiding Your Goals from Within

“We must make the choices that enable us to fulfill the deepest capacities of our real selves.”    

~ Thomas Merton

Without question, we all innately know that progress in any area of our life requires some forethought, planning, and a way to measure our progress. You probably already have a list of monthly expenses, a weekly dinner menu, and maybe even a workout schedule posted on your fridge. But have you considered finding a way to make sure that you feel supported in your endeavors and thought about how and where that support might come from?

Having an extended support system, of course, has considerable benefits, especially when you need to discuss something that is bothering you or must make a decision that could have considerable benefits and/or consequences. The people in our lives lend a great amount of assistance in these situations, but your subconscious mind is an unfailing guide if you learn to engage with it in thoughtful ways and train it to help you detect circumstances and changes that may or may not be the best choice in a given moment.

One way to ensure that things go according to plan (as much as any plan can ever be fully realized) is to design a workout for your subconscious. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Dhebi, how can my subconscious help support my goals? And even if it can, how do I go about creating a workout to help train my subconscious mind to help me make the decisions that are in my highest wisdom and benefit at any given time?”

That’s exactly what I’m hoping to help you with right now! So, let’s get started.

“The more you work with your subconscious, the more it can support you.”

You have a grocery list, right? A to-do list? Maybe even a bucket list. The best way to train your subconscious is to put pen to paper and get all those “wants” down in writing. What should you list? Anything and everything that will help you live a more fulfilling, substantive life. And the real key to making these goals a reality is to phrase things correctly.

For example, “I want to sleep more peacefully. I want to spend more time with my friends.” While those examples might seem simple, people oftentimes phrase their wants in a way that includes something negative, such as, “I don’t want to take sleeping pills. I don’t want to work so much.” The trouble with saying things like this is that your subconscious doesn’t know how to analyze your statements to come to a simple yes or no response. Remember, you need to direct your subconscious in a straightforward manner if you want to elicit its support.

Once you know your wants, you are then going to envision. Visualization is a primary language of your subconscious mind and for manifesting. In your mind’s eye, envision or imagine yourself in either a photograph or a mental movie. What will you see in your life that will you know you’ve achieved your goal? Make this dynamic. Be descriptive and put yourself into the story. Imaginal cells begin to resonate and coalesce with the vision you are holding – they help guide your subconscious mind toward the life you desire to create. Imaginal cells lie dormant inside as little seeds of pure potential; and when nurtured they open us up to beautiful worlds of possibilities and our own transformations.

In the simplest of terms, this one little “exercise” can help you shift your energy from negative to positive, and your subconscious will work more efficiently behind the scenes to help you realize your goals.