How Ancestral Lineage Influences Can Affect Your Life

Do you ever feel as if you’ve inherited some level of negative behaviors, beliefs, and programming that’s adversely influencing your life experiences? It’s possible.

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There are times when the distant past, which consists of ancestral lineage influences, affects current-life circumstances. This occurs when there is a carry-over interference pattern that needs to be resolved.

Our ancestor’s experiences, beliefs, and emotions can leave an impression, a molecular scar or adhesion, on our DNA and in our lives. Those adhesions that permanently attach to the DNA are replicated right along with it through the next generations. If someone in your ancestral lineage experienced hardships, tremendous trauma, world disaster, Holocaust, famine, injustice, a scalping, or intense suffering of some kind, the chemistry from that stressful experience, to some degree, becomes imprinted on your DNA. The molecular residue becomes part of us, ingrained in the energetic makeup of who we are. This means people can inherit some level of negative influence that adversely affects their life experiences, perceptions, behaviors, personality, and outlooks in life without knowing it. (The Messenger Within)

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Epigenetics is an area of science that studies the how our cellular memory of past generations effects the expression of our genes in the present, as well as future generations. Epigenetic influence can be accumulated and added onto DNA throughout our lives, setting off a chain reaction of cellular changes that result in health changes and life experiences. Geneticists discovered that epigen-change could be passed down from parent to child, one generation after the other. Since energy is never lost and is still contained within the family’s group consciousness, behavioral epigenetics can influence our strengths, resiliencies, and talents, as well as our weaknesses, deficiencies, and limitations.

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There are many cause and effect forces that play a part in our life that we don’t always understand. An ancestral lineage influence may often be the cause of a problem or symptom that does not respond to modern day treatments, therapy, or common sense approaches. What should normally work simply doesn’t. Once we understand that our ancestral stress has been transferred to us, in part or in whole, we can take steps to heal the past and prevent it from affecting the future as well. And, when we make the choice to heal our ancestral wounds, we bring a higher level of consciousness into our lineage line.

The Ancestral Lineage Healing process is a shamanic energy medicine practice that gives you the opportunity to: 

  • Heal distorted energy configurations from the past that have been put into motion 

  • Resolve “unfinished business” to release past karma and to move on for soul growth

  • Energetically clear both maternal and paternal lineage lines of generational imprints

  • Embrace the positive influences and strengths your family lineage has to offer you

  • Free up energies that prevent you from carrying out your life’s purpose and your soul’s mission, freeing your energy for greater peace, joy, fulfillment, and conscious awareness

  • Move healing energy forward into future generations in one powerful, grace-filled session

Heal the past.  Benefit the present.  Bless future generations.

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