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The Messenger Within

Unlocking the Secrets to Greater Freedom and a Better Life

Receive Insights. Reclaim Your Freedom. Create a Better Life.

One of the frustrating challenges people face is being unable to get the desired results they seek. The most effective way to move beyond what’s holding you back, or pushing your buttons, is by unraveling the problem at the source where it is stored within you. The Messenger Within combines the wisdom of your higher self with the elusive, yet accessible resources within your subconscious as well as science-based energy processes to offer you a comprehensive self-empowerment system light-years ahead of its time. It provides practical answers to the age-old inquire: How do I make the necessary changes in order to live with greater freedom and create a better life?

With this knowledge and these tools you have the power to: 

  • Discover the message your Inner Wisdom has related to problems, challenges, or obstacles that block your dreams, goals, and destiny.

  • Easily find the top priority for getting to the root of the cause.

  • Learn a time-tested health and wellness system that can easily be integrated into your healing practice to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Go beyond transforming detrimental beliefs and emotional wounds to explore other vital elements that contribute to problems; such as unmet human needs, past-lives, ancestral lineage, disowned shadow selves, or the influences of lifestyle.

  • Actively participate in creating the life you want and provide a greater service to others through easy-to-understand exercises and transformational processes.

Powerful – Practical – Spiritual – Results Oriented

Brimming with Wisdom! In a word Wow! I loved this book. Dhebi DeWitz has masterfully created a work that is so inclusive of everything one needs on a personal growth/ healing journey that if a person applied all the tools that exist within this beautiful book they would save thousands of dollars on workshops and therapists! This clearly written, easy to understand book will empower the reader to absolutely transform their life! I can recommend it without reservation! ~Darryl Gurney, Shadow Energetics

Once in a while a book does more than entertain or teach. If you're really lucky, you'll find a book that changes your life in amazing ways. "The Messenger Within" has done that for me.

DeWitz offers wisdom in a manner that is genuine; she guides the reader in ways that are nurturing and encouraging, and the lessons you can learn from her advice and exercises are priceless. While some books take hundreds of pages in order to start the reader on his or her journey toward self-improvement, "The Messenger Within" allows you to start improving your life immediately. And improve you will!

This is clearly a book written from the heart and backed with science and experience. I assure you that you'll begin experiencing positive changes from the moment you open its pages. It is a true gift to readers, one that I am deeply grateful to have received. ~ Tracy Ann Teel

A Treasure for Magical Manifestations

Dhebi’s book completely blew me away! I have never in 14 years as a life coach and workshop facilitator come across one book that so beautifully and clearly combines everything you need to know for self-healing, evolution and growth. “The Messenger Within” includes a wealth of tools and techniques for personal empowerment and to bring about real change in your life.

Dhebi outlines clearly which 7 areas hold us back from creating the life we really want: our limiting beliefs, our stuck emotions, our essential human needs, our distant past (including our ancestral lineage), our primary parts and disowned shadows, our lifestyle and additional energy issues. Dhebi, so clearly a master manifestor and creator herself, includes 30 amazing downloads of different charts and processes to empower you as the reader. Her book is an absolutely fantastic treasure and speaks volumes about her true heart-centeredness and unity consciousness. With this book magical manifestations are right at your fingertips. ~ Claudia Baum

The Messenger Within (Book Trailer)

My Life's Calling and writing the book