Courses that Empower


Bringing a new level of healing to the world

The World's Most Advanced Attunement!

Imagine being able to significantly expand the range of energy healing frequencies you can channel.

Unlocking Your Potential

The new science of belief change that is light-years ahead of its time!

Featuring the Life-Enhancing energetic processes (l.e.e.p. system) for subconscious Belief Change

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Ancestral Lineage Healing Process

Learn how to facilitate this ancient shamanic energy medicine process.

Therapists, Counselors, Practitioners, and Life Coaches: Looking for the ancestral interference pattern can be a daunting search for a needle-in-the-haystack if you don’t have effective tools at your command. Healing ancestral lineage influences is a little-known, though highly-valued, process missing from traditional therapies that supports personal growth.

Relationship Energetics

Learn how to create healthy, empowered relationships full of love.

Relationship Energetics is a 3-day workshop that explores the hidden subconscious dynamics that affect our relationship with our self and others.

Shadow Energetics

This course is designed to move you in the direction of wholeness and unconditional self-love by finding the parts of yourself that you have dis-owned. 

The Heart and Soul Academy is Proud to Present Shadow Energetics (TM) created by Darryl Gurney of Health Quest

Discover how shadow-personalities work within you and the immense value of how they enrich your life!

“Dhebi, you are a world class presenter. You open and create a container for learning and exploration that is nurturing and safe. You are a perfect blend of head and heart.”  ~ Sandra Wallin, MA, Psychotherapist and Teacher, Chiron’s Way Consulting