Boiling Springs / Spartanburg South Carolina Focus Group

Healing Circle + Wisdom Ways Teachings Group

You are Invited to Participate in a Healing Circle + Wisdom Ways Teachings Group located in Boiling Springs.

Healing Ourselves. Empowering Our Lives. Expanding Our Consciousness.

This is the place for you…

  • If you’d like to participate in a healing circle that not only supports your own health, but that of your loved ones, community, and world events.

  • If you’d like to learn new ways to empower yourself, step into greater personal freedom, and create the life you want to live.

  • If you’d like to explore mysteries of the mind, expanded states of consciousness, and learn how we create our reality.

  • If you’d like to participate in guided transformational processes to move beyond obstacles and limitations, close the gap between where you are and where you’d like to be, and learn how to access inner wisdom to discover messages life is sending you.

  • If you like to learn how to speak the “Language of Creation,” are interested in shamanic energy medicine, or would like to learn how to access your own inner wisdom.

  • If you’d like to live from your authentic self, to align with who you are at the depth of your being, and to help re-ignite the passions you may have hidden away, dust them off and make them shine again.

  • If you’d like to have access to a profound resource that supports you living empowered, authentically, from your heart and soul…

…and have plenty of fun doing it.

Then, let the adventure begin…

When: 1st and 3rd Tuesday’s of every month – 6pm to 8:15pm (Beginning soon!)

Where: We are currently looking for a location to hold this Focus Group and compiling a list of individuals who’d like to attend.

Donation: $20 to $25 per person, per meet-up + Donate’able item if possible

Contact: Please contact me, Dhebi DeWitz, to let me know you are interested in attending or if you have any questions.

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