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This guided meditation has been handed down through the centuries from ancient teachings in one form or another, and is borrowed from influences of the East as well as those from the Native Americans. It creates an image of connecting with the earth and the sun, for these energies symbolically represent the fusion of matter with Spirit – the divine feminine and masculine joined in pure love within you. This guided meditation process is designed for you to just absorb healing energy. As you listen, allow yourself to relax, soak in the healing energies of transformation, compassion, love, and expanded consciousness, to support your wellness and rejuvenation. MP3 Format $8.99

Take a Sacred Heart Journey. If you could meet with a counterpart of yourself in another dimension and reality, another you who has mastered the skill, potential, knowledge, talent, or an aspect of life you desire, what would you like to know? Your heart’s energy field has a vortex, a portal that can be used as a doorway into the sacred space of your heart. There, you have access to alternate dimensions and realities that contain counterparts of yourself living different aspects of life. With this guided meditation decide upon the purpose of your visit, then let your counterpart share with you the energetic frequency and vibration that will assist you to release greater potential of who you are into your own life and reality now.   MP3 Format $11.00

Take a Sacred Heart Journey. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to connect and communicate with Beings of Light? What would you learn from them? Your heart’s energy field has a vortex, a portal that can be used as a doorway into the sacred space of your heart. There, you have access to alternate dimensions and realities, including highly evolved souls from the 6th-9th dimensions of consciousness that are here to support humanity’s growth and evolution. Start building a relationship with your own, personal Beings of Light Team who love you and willingly support your spiritual growth, health, expanding consciousness, and your life’s purpose. Listen for the insights and inspirations they have to share with you. Bask in love, light, and consciousness as your light body is gently activated.     MP3 Format $11.00

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The Blessing of Forgiveness Process is about how to go deeper and more fully into forgiveness when the conscious decision to forgive has not been working as well as you’d hoped due to resistance at the subconscious level. The greatest gift of forgiveness is that we free ourselves from allowing an experience to adversely affect our lives. The act of forgiveness is a course of action, a catalyst, which frees us from the emotions of the actions we have experienced or witnessed. It rescues us from the things that have hurt us in the past. It helps us reclaim the power to decide how that past event will affect our life in the present and permits us to move forward, so we can get on with the venture of living a joyful life. Until you forgive, you still have an energetic connection to the past person or event.                    MP3 Format $11.00

Feeling stressed, frustrated, or overwhelmed? Or would you just like to take a mini-rejuvenation break? This little, guided, breathing meditation helps connect you back to your center – the expanded state of your essential nature. You are led through a 3-breath Sacred Heart Alignment, which helps create sacred heart space. Then, into feeling your breath, as if your whole body where breathing. Feeling the nurturing life-force of energy moving through you, and, on into an expanded state-of-being. Headphones are recommended, though not necessary.                       MP3 Format $6.99