Relationship Energetics

DATES: 3-DAY WORKSHOP    Sept. 29th, 30th & Oct. 1st, 2017

9 am - 5:00 pm each day

WHERE: Oakville, Ontario, CANADA

Everything is about Relationship. Between you and anyone, or anything, there is a relationship. If either participant in the relationship changes, the relationship itself is changed. Any change in the relationship changes both participants. If you wish to change the way you interact with someone or something, the first thing you must do is discover the true nature of your relationship to it. This workshop supports you in improving and building healthy, fulfilling, and empowered relationships.

Relationship Energetics is a 3-Day workshop that explores the hidden subconscious dynamics that affect our relationships with our self and others.

You discover how these unresolved dynamics can sabotage your relationships, drawing in the same people who challenge you the most, and compromise your ability to make conscious, peace-filled, empowering choices. You learn how to make shifts within, unraveling the problem at its source where it is stored within you, using the most comprehensive processes of transformation available today.

What you will learn in this 3-Day workshop:

  • 3-Steps to Better Relationships
  • How to make Life-Enhancing Belief Changes within the subconscious to support healthy, empowered relationships. 
  • Facilitate a process to Remove Heart-Armoring (which 85-90% of all people have) and open to greater love.
  • Participate in an Ancestral Lineage Healing process to clear inhereited molecular scars that have been passed down from generation after generation, preventing them from being passed forward.
  • How to facilitate the Relationship Alignment Process, one of the most powerful ways for discovering and shifting what is out-of-sync or out-of-harmony between yourself and another that is contributing to a conflict, issue, or challenge, to be resolved in relationships. 
  • How to handle conflicts or challenges, and what it takes to keep each other feeling safe in relationship. Tools to communicate more successfully and to process conflicts or fights.
  • Participate in the Blessing of Forgiveness an important process for letting go of past emotional wounds and influences.
  • A simple Life-Enhancing Energetic Practice for Opening to Divine Love.



Registration Price: $695 Canadian Dollars ($150 down payment) Remaining balance due at start of workshop.

Early Bird Registration: $595 (Before Sept. 8th, 2017 with $150 down payment)

Super Early Bird Registration: $575 (Before Aug. 4th, 2017 with $150 down payment + Receive autographed copy of The Messenger Within)

Pay $150 Canadian Dollar deposit via Paypal to
or contact Angelika Baum @ 905.2869422 or email: