Dhebi dewitz


Overcome Obstacles. Improve Your Health. Create a Better Life.

One of the frustrating challenges people face is being unable to get the desired results they seek. The most effective way to move beyond what’s holding you back in an area of your life, or has been causing health issues, is by unraveling the problem at the source where it is stored within you. My gift is being able to work with the wisdom of your higher-self, access the elusive resources within your subconscious and energy field, and use science-supported energy medicine processes to offer you a comprehensive, personalized strategy for your specific needs.

I help individuals...

  • Activate their deep healing abilities and regain their health naturally without toxic side-effects.

  • Discover and overcome problems or challenges in an area of their life, that have been holding them back from achieving their goals and life’s dreams.

  • Resolve trauma and post-traumatic stress held deep within, reclaim their peace-of-mind, and move forward in living a more joyful life, without having to reveal all the details of the matter or long, drawn-out therapy sessions.

  • Live with greater personal freedom, wisdom, and magic, while creating a better life by finding the hidden obstacles in their subconscious, and interference patterns in their energy field.

I’ve been doing this powerful, results-oriented work for more than 30 years using ancient wisdom ways and transformational energy medicine based upon leading-edge scientific research.

I'd like to hear what your health or life goals are, what you’d like to change or improve, and where you’d like to make your biggest transformations.  


Some Highlighted Sessions I Offer...

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Ancestral Lineage Healing Session

Heal the past. Benefit the present. Bless future generations.

Do you ever feel as if you’ve inherited some level of negative behaviors, beliefs, and programming that’s adversely influencing your life experiences? It’s possible.

There are times when the distant past, which consists of ancestral lineage influences, affects current-life circumstances. This occurs when there is a carry-over interference pattern that needs to be resolved.

Powerful – Practical – Spiritual – Results Oriented

I want to help you with living a life of greater freedom, wisdom, and magic. Please contact me at: dhebi@theHeartAndSoulAcademy.com to set up your appointment.

What I love most about my life's work is helping individuals overcome something that’s been holding them back, then watching them step into greater soul-nurturing empowerment, health, and well-being, shining their light in the world more fully.