Special Gift for You…

This audio contains subliminal suggestions embedded into a tranquil waterfall soundscape to influence your subconscious mind for health. You may listen to this audio while going about your daily activities and is safe to use while driving. Listen to this audio at the normal level you would for background music.

The subliminal suggestions embedded into this audio:

1.      I choose to live.

2.      I release all unnecessary stress from my body and it is filled with peace and comfort.

3.      My body regenerates and rejuvenates itself easily and effortlessly. 

4.      My body knows how to heal itself and does. 

5.      My immune system is strong, maintains health, and protects me from disease. 

6.      I relax into the healing process. I allow spirit to do what it does. 

7.      My body aligns to the natural order of health, harmony, and vitality within. 

8.      My body restores and maintains my blueprint for radiant health. 

9.      I am healthy. I feel good.

10.    I nurture my body in healthy and loving ways.

11.    I am safe. I love my life.

12.    Joy fills every cell of my body, every cell is alive with love.

13.    I take responsibility for my health and well-being.

14.    I nourish my body with healthy and wholesome foods.

15.    I love and accept my body as it is and as it changes.